Fast Fast-Track

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As many of our members know, we as a congregation participate in a church-wide fast for 21 consecutive days in January. As you consider doing this I want to encourage you to join in this time of united prayer and fasting. Jesus taught us that we must fast by saying to His disciples in Matthew 6:16 “Moreover, when you fast…” not “…if you fast.”

The type of fasting you do should be as directed by the Holy Spirit. Fasting in the Bible is always linked to not eating or drinking certain things. Anything else you give up can be understood as just crucifying your flesh, which the Bible clearly tells us to do in Romans 6:6 and many other places as well.

The type of foods and drinks you give up is your choice, like Daniel did in Daniel 10:1-4. This fast wasn’t only limited to drinking water. Drinking water only is what I call a “total fast” but I would only advise that at the Lord’s directions. Jesus did what the Holy Spirit told Him to do in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-2). Seek and hear from the Lord as to what type of fasting that He wants you to do.

One more thing, please don’t just fast foods and drinks but really make an effort to seek the Lord, study the Scriptures and share Jesus with people. Make your fasting time count towards spiritual growth by overcoming the flesh and walking in victory over the enemy. God will bless us as we commit ourselves to Him and His kingdom.

Pastor John Wenck