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Putting Away Idols

In the early 1980’s a Christian album came out by Dion DiMucci (formerly of Dion and the Belmonts) entitled “I Put Away My Idols”. The title song told how he had come to the Lord and walked away from fame and glory in the world of rock music to live for God…

Characteristics of a Godly Father

by Pastor Robert Miller Fathering is a skill that is much needed in families today. Because of poor or absent role models, many…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Pastor Jeanne Miller One of the greatest joys of my life is having been a mother. I know I didn’t do everything right,…

Experiencing Triumph

The most devastating times of life occur when we experience a crisis in our identity. During these times, our entire foundation for living can be shaken. Thank God, in the new birth, we receive an identity of triumph that should never be shaken! Our identity with Jesus brings triumph to our lives.


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A Doer of the Word

Acting on the Word of God is essential to living by faith. Someone once said, “I can’t hear what you are saying because what you are doing is speaking so loudly.” This statement refers to a disparity between actions and words.

Partners in Ministry

Kenneth Hagin Ministries We’re partners with Kenneth Copeland Ministries Light of the World Ministries



Our Prison Ministry volunteers present a class called “Life Management Skills” (developed by our church) to inmates at the Clarksburg Correctional Facility. Most…