Thoughts about Job (Part 3)

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A truth that we can learn from Job is that everything people say about God, even in the Bible, may not always be true about God. Everything in the Bible was truly expressed by someone and in that the Bible … Continued

Thoughts about Job (Part 1)

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Job is a great book of the Bible. Many claim that it is the oldest book in the Bible. There is evidence that Job was around during the days of the patriarchs like Abraham. A patriarch’s wealth was associated with … Continued

Test (Part 4)

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We’ve been answering the question “does God test us”? Yes, He does test us but not in the ways that some people have believed. What we’ve been looking at in the last three articles (September, October & November of 2014) … Continued

Test (Part 3)

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  We want to answer the question, “does God test us?” Yes He does test believers but not in the ways that so many people teach. To help define what a test from God is biblically, we are looking at … Continued

Test (Part 2)

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We are continuing our study on answering the question— does God test us? As I wrote before, I believe the answer is “Yes”, but not like the way so many people have explained it before. We left off last month … Continued

Test (Part 1)

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School is back for many students and we all know that if there is learning then there will be testing. One simple fact about our existence here on the earth and that is this – there will be tests. People … Continued

Everything in August

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August is a unique month because it is a major transitional month. It marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall plans. It is the last chance for many families to have a whole week or two of … Continued


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In July we celebrate our nation’s birthday. Please do not forget to pray for our nation. It is also summertime! Friends and families get together for fun outdoor activities. Families take vacations because the kids are out of school.  Summer camps and … Continued