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To all the 2014 graduates- CONGRATULATIONS! It’s exciting when June comes around because so many people graduate and it is also the beginning of summertime for many people as well. Graduation is the end of being a student at your … Continued

May Flowers

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“April showers bring May flowers” has been said by folks longer than I’ve been alive. Yet it still rings true today. It is also true concerning the spiritual condition of believers “In Christ”.  The shower of God’s love, as seen … Continued

April Showers

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We are about to experience some very unusual things in the earth and they are marked by signs in the heavens – on April 15, 2014 during the Passover there will be a Blood Moon and 3 more will follow … Continued

March On

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In March, old man winter can either go out with a roar like a lion or go like a lamb. I presume that it will be going out like a lion this year. Winter seems to just want to hang … Continued

Together Again!

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Together Again! In February we have two exciting days this month. They are always associated with people getting together: 1) Super Bowl parties and 2) Valentine’s Day. Because of this I am reminded of the importance it is for brethren … Continued

Fast Fast-Track

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As many of our members know, we as a congregation participate in a church-wide fast for 21 consecutive days in January. As you consider doing this I want to encourage you to join in this time of united prayer and … Continued

Blessings In The New Year

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Pastor Jeanne Miller It’s time for New Year’s resolutions to be touted on the talk shows and in the media. I don’t know about you but they don’t do much for me. Not that we shouldn’t look over the old … Continued

The Father’s Love

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When I was a young child I always believed I was my father’s favorite child. I am the third child in a family of six children. I just knew I had a special relationship that no one else in the family had with my dad. He loved me and I knew it. I knew that no matter what I did, whether he agreed with me or not, I still had his total, unconditional love.

Your Words Forecast Your Future

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The scriptures reveal a great deal of information regarding our speech. In general the Bible says that our words should reveal truth not folly. Jesus said, “God’s Word is truth.” Our speech should be seasoned with God’s Word.

Heart Motives Matter

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Pastor Jeanne Miller More and more there seems to be creeping into the church an affinity for going after the things of the world versus keeping true to God and His word. In II Timothy 3:1-4 in the Amplified we … Continued